Mid Atlantic Officials Association
Rules for Period Timing 10/20/2013

Hello everyone, To help clear up any confusion with the timing rules for each of the teams & leagues, I have posted a table of the various possibilities to the Rules section of the MAOA website. (http://maoa.net/rules/index.php). If two teams of different leagues play each other; please use the rules of the home team to regulate the timing for that game. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the board if you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the rules. Thanks, Nate
Posted By: Nathan Ginther
Raleigh Seminar 09/02/2013

Hi all,

Just a reminder the level 1,2, and 3 seminar is scheduled for PNC Arena on Sunday September 22nd. It starts at 8am and should plan on being their until 4 pm. Please remember to bring your equipment as all levels will be skating.

There is an event at PNC that day so we have been asked to park in Lot C off of Trinity Road, next to Carter Finley Stadium. 

Posted By: Matt Katlen

The January meeting of the Mid Atlantic Officials Association, will be held on Thursday January 17, 2013, at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, beginning at 7:00 PM. Please enter the building at the VIP entrance, near the box office and you will be directed to where we are meeting. There are a number of items that will be discussed, so we hope that everyone can attend. The board of directors would like to take the time to thank all of our officials for the work they are doing in officiating the games for our customers. See you all on Thursday.
Posted By: Peter Piche
New Board Members 11/15/2012

After thirty-three votes were tallied, we have two new Board members: Nathan Ginther and Mike Whaley.
Posted By: Peter Piche
November Meeting 11/12/2012


The November meeting of the MAOA will be at Cary Ice House, 7 p.m., in the party room, this Thursday 11/15/12.

Posted By: Peter Piche
9/27 Meeting notes 09/28/2012

We have board vacancies. Board positions are open to all members. Some members have already expressed interest. Please let us know if you are interested. The number of board positions and/or vacancies will be established in the next two weeks and a membership vote will be conducted, if necessary.

Congratulations to MAOA officials who tried the Level 4 Closed book and skating test. You are to be commended for this effort. It is difficult to achieve proficiency at both the skate and the exam. At least 3 of our members are new level 4s this season. Very cool.

Review the casebook situations (25 of them) for Standard of Play now that the season is underway. We help one another by being as consistent as possible. Review your penalty options for infractions once a week before hitting the ice. Repetition is the momma of skill.

Posted By: Peter Piche
October Meeting will be at The Iceplex 10/18/2011

Due to the State Fair currently underway, we will hold the October meeting at The Iceplex on Thursday, October 20th @ 7pm.
Posted By: David Dube
First MAOA Meeting Thursday 9/15/2011 09/13/2011


 The first MAOA meeting of the 2011-2012 season will take place at the Iceplex on Thursday, 9/15/2011 at 7:00pm. We will be located in the partyroom. Thanks Russ and Cindy for making this happen.


Posted By: David Dube
2010 - 2011 MAOA Scholarship Info 03/17/2011

The 2010 - 2011 MAOA Scolarship Info and forms have been posted in the Miscellaneous section of the sites. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors and college students who will be enrolled as a fulltime college student next year. Prior winners are not elligible (sorry). Forms must be completed and returned to me before midnight, April 24th (you have five full weekends to fill it out). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.
Posted By: David Dubé
Please Review Feb Schudule 02/01/2011

The first week of February is posted. Please review, and confirm your games ASAP.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
January Monthly Meeting 01/20/2011

The January MAOA meeting date for the association will be January 27, 2011 at the Cary Icehouse, starting at 7:00 PM.
Posted By: Pat Bush
December MAOA Meeting - 12/16/2010 12/13/2010

The monthly meeting of the Mid Atlantic Officials Association will be Thursday December 16, 2010, at the CARY ICEHOUSE, beginning at 7:00 PM, if there is bad weather as they say, we will reschedule for a later date.
Keep your eye on the weather and if conditions are bad we will reschedule.
Posted By: David Dube
November 18th MAOA Meeting 11/16/2010

The November MAOA Meeting on November 18th will be held at the Cary Ice House (7pm). Please, do not go to the RBC Center for this meeting.
Posted By: David Dube
November Schedule has been posted! 10/28/2010

Matt has posted the November schedule and is ready to take game requests. Also, it sounded like there were some available games this weekend, so please take a look and help out if you can.
Posted By: David Dube
October MAOA Mtg @ RBC Center 10/21/2010

The October MAOA Meeting will be held at the RBC Center in the media room starting at 7:00pm.
Posted By: David Dube
JUNE UPDATE 05/21/2010

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Meeting at RBC tonight and June 05/20/2010

Hey all,Do not forget there is a meeting tonight at RBC the last of the year.There are a few scrimmages for June.Most they just need one ref, for that they would not be good for a new level 3 who was just evaluated.  That is why you see the wording experienced level 3.Some of those games are in pink, if I can get a senior ref to volunteer to work those games for no pay then we could bring some of the newer guys that have just been promoted to level 3.  I have to line them up first.I will NOT be at the meeting tonight.You will not need to do the availability sheets.  Emails will do fine but please do not email me yet.Right now I just want my level 4’s and 5’s to respond with games they could do and any of the pink ones where they would volunteer.  Once I have those filled I will let the other levels know when they can email me. Remember also the levels I post are NOT your USA level but the MAOA level, if you are not sure of your level, on the contact list it is there.  We will not be doing anymore level evals until next year because these scrimmages are usually low key. You can get to the contact list with the password maoa04Enjoy the meeting tonight.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
May Update 04/25/2010

Hey all,

I cant keep my eyes open, I have posted what I have so far for May, BUT I may need to move some stuff around. The only thing that will not change is this coming weekend and most of the new ones.  I did need to post what I have done so far.  Please only confirm games for NEXT weekend at this time.  I will let you know once finished.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
May Schedule 04/15/2010

Hey all,

The may schedule is posted. You can email me availability before the meeting but those at the meeting will still get priority.  Also for those attending the meeting, please only sign in for yourself or your child if a parent.  Do not sign in others that are not at the meeting.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Ref Meeting 4-22 04/15/2010

Hey all,

No meeting tonight, the meeting will be next Thursday 4-22 at RBC!

Posted By: Matt Katlen
MAOA on facebook 04/04/2010

Hey all,I created a group on facebook. Type in Mid Atlantic Officials Association in the search box and you should find it.Just another place we can post info if needed.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Confirmations needed 04/04/2010

Hey all,The following have not confirmed their games yet, if I do not hear from your by Wed. I will reschedule your games.  There are too many guys that did not get games looking for games.ThanksMatt Here it is:N GintherL SmithT MartinS BlyeD TarangeloM MorrisonR AllenJ AllenD WrightJ PosnerJ StruderG FlueckingerCul RaidnaA SullivanR SierraJ ParksP RyanR TittusJ FoxS HenleyJ SmithemanC BlakeM WrightA CasselsJ Rennert
Posted By: Matt Katlen
April Schedule 03/31/2010

Hey all,I completed the April schedule, before I get a ton of hate emails let me explain how it worked.Those that are MAOA level 3 and were at the meeting got 2-3 games. Those that were not got 1-2.The new level 1 guys was a little tougher.  I looked not only at who was at the meeting but who has or has not received games the last couple of months.  Most at the meeting did get a game, a couple did not.  Most that were not at the meeting did not but a couple did.  Please know I am aware if you did not get a game, it is not personal, just not enough games.  For May the ones that did not get a game this month or going on two months will get a game in May.  Also if there are give backs or guys that do not confirm, the ones with no games will have top priority. My senior guys that are in blue need to email me with how your partner did and to let me know if they can be moved up or not.  Please do this the more we move up the more games will be available. I know I could not make a lot of people happy on this one but I tried to stay as even as I could with the limited games. Please confirm games by Monday of next week. I hope everyone understands.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
meeting tonight at rbc 03/24/2010

Dont forget the meeting is tonight and not Thursday and is at RBC downstairs in the media room.  Also April is posted.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Mite games for spring league 03/17/2010

RYHA for spring is going to a half ice game for the mites.  Two games will run at the same time. 

Here is what the one ref will do:


Only face-offs to start the game and goals. The coaches may elect to change ends at about half way. Discuss with all 4 coaches and the two officials before the game if they choose to switch ends halfway through.  If they all agree then at an agreed time both officials will blow the whistle and the time keeper will sound the horn.  At that time switch ends. All 4 must agree to switch or not switch.  The full clock will be placed up and it will be run time.  If they agree to switch ends have them start at the opposite end so they end the game at their bench

When the puck is frozen by the goalie, blow the whistle, the offensive team clears the goalie area, and the defensive team simply starts with the puck.  

Penalties, lightly called, only really blatant, will just be a penalty shot.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Meeting on Thursday 02/15/2010

The monthly meeting of the Mid Atlantic Officials Association, will be Thursday February 18, 2010, at the RBC Center, beginning at 7:00 PM.
We will be meeting in the media room on the lower level of the RBC Center.
Enter at the south entrance by the ticket office and take the elevator down to the arena level to the media room.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
February MAOA Mtrg @ RBC 02/15/2010


The monthly meeting of the Mid Atlantic Officials Association, will be Thursday February 18, 2010, at the RBC Center, beginning at 7:00 PM.

We will be meeting in the media room on the lower level of the RBC Center.

Enter at the south entrance by the ticket office and take the elevator down to the arena level to the media room.

Pat Bush
President - MAOA
Posted By: David Dube
as of 657am 02/13/2010

No cancellations reported.  All games are on as scheduled.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
as of 1015pm 02/12/2010

no word of any cancellations.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
This weekend 2-13 and 2-14 02/12/2010

I just talked to Steve, as of right now there are no plans to cancel any games this weekend.  Tomorrow morning may require extra time when leaving. Stay tuned if anything changes.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
February update 01/31/2010

hey all, Feb. is a work in progress, I have posted what I have to date and will keep working on it.

I will have more details in the email to follow.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Game #181 01/31/2010

This game is now cancelled, hopefully the last of this long weekend.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Sunday morning update 01/31/2010

Hey all,As of 8:29 am the only game rescheduled for today that is off is #189. One of the coaches cancelled that. I just got off the phone with Steve and all other games are ON as far as he is aware of.  I am off to Garner so I will have no email contact until I get back.If any issues come up call my cell 612-4212
Posted By: Matt Katlen
sunday is updated 01/30/2010

Hey all,Wow, what a mess but I think I got a best case that we could get for tomorrow.  A lot of games were moved to try and fill some of the travel spots and get some later starts so that the refreeze tonight is not has big of a deal.For the most part those that originally had the game still have it, but some the switch would not work, so I moved some around to try and make sense out of it.Here is the deal, over to the right in GREEN is the new time and rink, to the RIGHT of that are the new scheduled refs for those games.  Some now have holes in between what used to be a set.  Some will have to go from one rink to another in about 1 ½ hours, if you do not feel like doing that it is ok, please let me know.  If you do not feel like going out in the weather I understand but need to know now. I have some that can do games that are not currently scheduled and you can get out of jail free on this.Please confirm ASAP!  I am going out to shovel and if I have not heard from you will start calling when I get back in.
Posted By: Matt Katlen

Posted By: Matt Katlen
game #158 cancelled 01/30/2010

This makes the earliest start time still on at 4:15pm now
Posted By: Matt Katlen
games cancelled as of 7:58 am 01/30/2010

Guys and gals#151,#155, #163, #169 are all cancelled.This makes the earliest start time with a game still on at 3:45 pm today.Stay tuned…..
Posted By: Matt Katlen
cancelled games as of 12:46 am 01/29/2010

Here is the list of games cancelled as of 12:46 am


schedule will be updated next

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Next update tonight 01/29/2010

Hey all,

The next update will not be until probably after 11 tonight, my wife and i had tickets for mamma mia tomorrow night and we were able to exchange for tonight. I will update when we get back home.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Game #162 cancelled 01/29/2010

game #162 is cancelled
Posted By: Matt Katlen
first games cancelled this weekend 01/28/2010

The first two games to get cancelled this weekend are #153 and #188
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Weather this weekend 01/26/2010

Hey all,

If you are scheduled this weekend, stay tuned. If there is any weather that affects games I will let you know and update on here and by email as soon as I get the info.  If you have an early morning game assume it is on unless you hear otherwise and give yourself extra time to get there, just in case they are right this time.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
February schedule 01/26/2010

Last call for Feb. availability if I do not have it please send it to me ASAP
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Web Hosting Transfer is Complete 12/30/2009

Quick update - the transfer of web hosting companies is complete. If you stumble across any issues, please let me know as quickly as possible.

Posted By: David Dube
January Posted 12/26/2009

Hey all,

I have completed January. Please confirm your games asap

Posted By: Matt Katlen
January schedule 12/19/2009

Last call for January, if interested in games next month, need to let me know asap at MKatlen@nc.rr.com


Posted By: Matt Katlen
hopefully the final two 12/19/2009

two more cancelled. Games #106 and #131


Posted By: Matt Katlen
one more cancelled 12/19/2009

Sorry there is one more game #129 is also cancelled
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Cancellations this weekend 12/19/2009

Hey Guys,

Just heard from Steve, two games will be cancelled for a team not able to make it into town. All other games should go on has scheduled.

the two games lost are # 114 and # 138

Posted By: Matt Katlen
January Schedule 12/16/2009

Hey all,The January schedule is up and posted.I am trying something new.  To try and help those figure what games they can put in for.I have color coded the spots into 5 levels.Listed below the schedule are those levels.If you are not sure what level you fall into please ask me but they should be easy to figure out.I am trying this out to see if this helps us get the right guys into the right games. If you are not going to the meeting that is OK, you can send me availability by email. Please note though, I do not need the reason why you can not make it.  We are not back in school where you need a note.  There are 196 games so there are plenty.  For the brand new guys we should be able to get you 2 games.  The guys that have been around should see 4 games if they do not attend and 5-6 if you do attend.  This is just my estimates based on the amount of games.  This may be subject to change depending on who and what I get turned in.I will have copies tomorrow, but they may not show that well so if attending and can fill out your availability ahead of time that would be great.ThanksMatt
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Dec. Schedule is completed 11/26/2009

Please confirm games for Dec and there are a few openings for the first weekend. More info to come in the email.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
December Schedule is posted 11/11/2009

Hey all,

I just got the schedule but have to get off to my game, so I did not set up the training games. For the brand new level 1's please put in for the Mite and Squirt HOUSE games. For the existing level 1's you may put in for the TRAVEL mite and squirts. For the older level 1's (playing Bantam or adults) if you have done a couple of games feel free to put in for the travel squirt and house peewee.  See you all tomorrow at the meeting.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Nov. Schedule completed 10/25/2009

Hey all,

The full November schedule is completed. Please confirm games ASAP.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Nov. Schedule 10/16/2009

Hey all,

The Nov. schedule is posted and last call for availability for Nov.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
This Thursday Meeting at CARY 10/13/2009

Hey all,

With the fair starting this Thursday we have moved the meeting back to Cary Ice House for this month. This way we do not have to battle Fair Traffic.

See you all then.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
October schedule 09/22/2009

I have posted what I have started for Oct.

I am going to finish it tomorrow night.  If you want on the schedule please let me know by then.  If not I will fill the openings with those I have and they will get more games.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Sept MAOA Meeting 09/10/2009


I just got the info from Ron, our first MAOA meeting will be Thursday Night September 17 at 7pm.  PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING WILL BE AT THE RBC CENTER!!!!  Go to the VIP Entrance at the RBC Center.  We hope to see you all there, we will have lots of info to go over for this first meeting.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Sept games now available 08/27/2009

Hi all,

There are some games posted for Sept.  A couple of notes first there is a limited number of games and no real lower level games, so any new level 1's that came on board late last year, there currently is not much on this schedule to work you in.  Stay patient, October should have more and there might be some add ons.

For the kids and coaches working for games, remember you can NOT do the level you play.

I will fill 9/5 and 9/6 games ASAP, but the rest you have until next Friday to let me know what games you would like. 

Posted By: Matt Katlen
More seminar news 08/10/2009

We really need a favor, We need everyone to know that if they can attend a Raleigh seminar in October we need them to come to Raleigh.
I got a call today and the Hillsboro seminar already has 55 officials signed up.
They do not have enough room for all the folks, so Ron and I are looking at who signed up for Hillsboro and want to see whether we can get some people to sign up for Raleigh.
Also any new Level 1 officials need to come to Raleigh.
USA Hockey has got to change some of the questions on the open book test because the messed up some of the questions and officials taking the test now are failing as the questions are not complete.
We want the folks to register, but wait to take the test after they get the new rule book as this is a rule change year. 
Nothing major as far a rule changes, but wording has been added to clarify the meaning of the rule.
Both seminars in Raleigh will be open for Level 1's so we shouldn't have a problem handling the new officials.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Seminars are posted 08/05/2009

Hey all,

The seminars for RBC and Hillsboro are posted on southeastrefs.org 

Should be able to sign up now.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Seminar dates announced 07/30/2009

Hey all

Here are the dates for the seminars.  Remember you must attend a seminar to be able to ref.  If one of these do not work it is up to you to find a seminar.



RALEIGH,  RBC CENTER 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M..   OCTOBER 4TH        LEVELS 1 AND 3    ONLY!!!!
RALEIGH , RBC CENTER 8:00 A.M. - 5:00P.M.   OCTOBER 11TH       LEVELS 1 AND 2     ONLY!!!!
                 SPORTSPLEX       SEPT. 13TH   LEVELS 1-2-3
                 EXTREME ICE      SEPT 12TH   LEVELS 1-2-3
                                             TBA               LEVEL 4
                  ICE HOUSE       TENATIVE  SEPT 27TH   LEVLES 1-2-3
Posted By: Matt Katlen
USA Registration 07/23/2009

Hey all,

you may have gotten an email from USA Hockey already but anyone that did not get it or is looking to start officiating, on August 1st you can register for the upcoming season on USA Hockey.

Just wanted to pass it along, I will send by email as well.



Posted By: Matt Katlen
MAOA Meeting tonight is canceled/postponed 05/21/2009

My apologies for the extremely late notice...
Due to:
  • Canes are on and playing tonight (likely low attendance)
  • Cary Ice House is currently closed due to rennovations
We're going to cancel tonight's mtg and let people know when the next one will take place (if a need arises).
Regarding the scholarship:
  • We have three applicants, and am waiting on a few evaluations/grades from the committee.
  • We hope to announce a winner no later than the end of May.
Regarding Seminars:
Keep an eye on the website. When I get the details I'll post them. Alternatively, you can follow southeasthockeyrefs.org. They will also have the latest and greatest info regardning seminars.
Congrats to Matt Corey who was invited to, and will be attending the USA Hockey Refereeing Regional Camp (a former MAOA scholarship winner I might add) in Rochester, NY!
Posted By: David Dube
Some sad news to share... 02/26/2009

As some of you know, Paul Kelcey had been away for several months taking care of his father who was having health issues. Paul recently came back, and brought his dad with him so he could continue to take care of him.


I'm sorry to say, this past Tuesday morning, Paul's father passed away while he was driving his father to one of his appointments.


As always, Paul seems to be in good spirits. I think having spent the last several months with his father helped. If you get a chance, it would be nice to give him a call or send a note.




Posted By: David Dube
Schedule Update 01/30/2009

Please remember you only have until Tuesday to update for January.

Also the Feb. Schedule is complete. Please confirm games.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Review Jan Schedule 01/25/2009

The latest update for this month has been completed. I know we have one day left next weekend, but so that Joe can start working his check magic sooner, please make sure that all current info is correct.  You will only have until next Tuesday to let me know of any late changes from next weekend.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Decemeber changes 12/22/2008

Since, most are not working the last weekend in December, please look over the schedule and let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made, so Joe can start working on paychecks.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Sorry everyone 12/20/2008

Sorry everyone, I had an excel spreadsheet save issue and lost some of the confirmations for January.  I went through some emails and went through them.  If you are in bold you do not have to do anything. You are good to go. If not in bold please confirm, and if you want some games not filled please do so soon or else will start giving them to guys who already have a decent amount of games.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
January Schedule 12/19/2008

The January schedule is out, I made sure everyone that submitted availability got games and also tried to stay as fair as possible. As you will see there are games I didnt fill that I have names for, I am giving those that didnt get as many and or didnt give availability still a chance for games.
However I do not want to wait to long to fill. The schedule will change as give backs occur but thanks to everyone.
Once you confirm your games they will be yours.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
Scheduling changes 11/23/2008

For those that did not attend the meeting, this notice is to let you know starting with the December games if you do not call, do not show for your games you will receive the normal fine, but be removed from the remaining schedule for the month and be suspended for 30 days.

The december schedule is out.

I will be out of town from Wed. through Sunday, everyone please have a safe holiday and I will update those that have confirmed games when I return.

If you are in green that means per the website you have not completed either the background or the usa hockey. Remember you must have your crest and if over 18 completed the background.  I will check when I return and if not completed will have to remove you from the schedule.  As you can see there are many new officials and I tried to give out the games as equal as possible.

 Also please check the November schedule as I will be making that final when I return as well since there are only 2 games the next weekend.

Thanks to everyone's hard work.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Last Call for Dec. Availability 11/20/2008

For those not at the meeting tonight, last call for December availability, if able to do games, let me know soon, I plan on working on schedule this weekend.
Posted By: Matt Katlen
More scheduling news 10/30/2008

Guys, the schedule posted is current, still have some holes for this weekend, but it should be correct. I will double check personally tomorrow.

There are still some holes if you can fill them. Please though make sure that you are qualified to do the games that are open so we do not have any issues after the fact. I appreciate all those that are willing to help out and I appreciate everyone's patience with this.

If you see your name and it is in bold you have to do nothing. If it is not in bold please confirm. If I have you for a game and you can not do it let me know. If you can help out with another opening let me know.

Thanks again to everyone

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Finalized October and November Schedule 10/25/2008

Please after this weekend review the October schedule and let me know if any changes need to be made. You will have until this Thursday(October 30th) to do so.


The first draft of the November schedule is up. I have left some holes for those that did not send in an availability yet and for those that have not gotten their crest yet.  If you want any of these games let me know if not I will assign them to those that have already requested them but have games already. Please confirm your games ASAP and once you do I will take you off the right side for any other games at the same time slot.  Thanks to those that had very open availability.  You will see some changes that have already taken place and are noted.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
October and November Schedule 10/15/2008

Hey all,

There was a lot of changes for the last two weeks, so many that I could not work on the November schedule tonight. I will work on it tomorrow but sometimes my work computer will not let me download to the site. If that is case I will bring copies of schedule with me to the meeting.  Also for those attending that can fill the many holes let me know then. If you will not be at the meeting and can fill any let me know by email. Sorry for the delay but was not expecting this many changes for the rest of the month. A lot of games for new refs!!!

Posted By: Matt Katlen
October Association MTG 10/15/2008

A quick reminder: The next association mtg is tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 16), 7:00pm at the Cary Ice House
Posted By: David Dube
Still need help for Sunday 10/10/2008

I have attached the updated schedule, still need help for Sunday and if anyone can do games 7 and 8 for Tim Clark, let me know. Will be at Canes game tonight so will look and update when I get home.

Also there are some opening for the following weekend still as well.

Those that just got their crest and want some games please let me know.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
October Schedule 09/29/2008

The October Schedule is out and there are still holes for this weekend and the rest of the schedule especially  Sunday October 12th.  If you are not going to the seminar, we need your help that day. Please let me know if you can fill any of the available holes.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
Confirm Sept. Schedule 09/27/2008

Please confirm the posted Sept. schedule for any changes by this Thursday if not what is posted will be used by Joe to issue checks for September's games.

I should have October schedule out by tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all you

Posted By: Matt Katlen
October Schedule 09/18/2008

Hot off the press is the October schedule. If you are attending the meeting tonight do not send me availability by email, just wait and fill out a sheet tonight, if you are not attending the meeting you may send an email, but keep in mind those that attend the meeting are considered first. This schedule is a rough first draft and may have some additions and changes but at least gives everyone an idea of the games for October.

Look forward to meeting you all tonight, officially.

Posted By: Matt Katlen
More Games 09/11/2008

More Games have been added for this weekend, keep in mind seminar for Sunday as well.

If you can work any please let me know.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
Rest of Schedule Posted 09/08/2008

I have posted the rest of the schedule so you can plan for the month, but there is a chance of changes, cancellations or additions and some games that are 3 man being 2 man. So stay tuned, once you have seen it please confirm schedule. Once confirmed if your games are changed I will email you personally.

You will notice I have added to the side the names of those that put it for games but did not get them so if you need a sub this would be a good place to start!

Also on the bottom I have placed the number of games with what I have scheduled you for, I tried to be as fair as possible and at least get everyone 1 game.  Thanks for your patience.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
This weekend's games 09/03/2008

I sent by email this weekend's schedule, please confirm your games for this weekend and we still have 2 available.

I hope to have the complete schedule done tomorrow or Friday night.

Thanks to all again

Posted By: Matt Katlen
September Schedule 09/02/2008

The September Schedule is posted, please take a look and let me know what games you could do. There are games this weekend.


Posted By: Matt Katlen
New Scheduler 08/26/2008

The association would like to welcome Matt Katlen as the new scheduler for the 2008-2009 season.


From my understanding, there are a small number of games which will be played in September. This will ease the transition to Matt going forwards. The contact info on the website has been updated accordingly.


Please make an effort to attend the September Association mtg so you can meet and welcome Matt to his new role.


Lastly, if you get the chance, do thank Fearna for all her efforts. I know she worked very hard to give everyone a fair shot at getting games. It's not certainly not the easiest job, and it's certainly one of the most thankless jobs out there. Her efforts were very much appreciated by many people.

Posted By: David Dube
2008-2009 SEMINAR DATES 08/04/2008

LEVEL 1 & 2 - Sunday, September 14th at the Garner Optimist Club (2110 Vandora Springs Rd.Garner, NC 27529)

LEVEL 1 & 3 - Sunday, October 12 at the RBC Center

PLEASE CHECK THE SOUTHEASTREFS.ORG WEBSITE TO PRE-REGISTER FOR THE SEMINARS.  They may not be available on the website, but will be soon. 

 Seminars start promptly at 8:00 a.m.  Please remember to bring with you: skates (no goalie or figure skates), a helmet without a cage (a visor or 1/2 shield is acceptable) and a whistle. If you do not have these items, you will not be able to participate in the on-ice portion of the seminar.

 These are the seminars scheduled for Raleigh.  Please do not ask us to schedule another one, or if you can just take the test - you must attend a seminar somewhere!!  There will be seminars at other locations within driving distance ie. Charlotte, Charleston, Virginia.  These will be listed on the Southeastrefs.org website.

Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The level 4 seminar being held in Wake Forest for referees who will be working at the Junior level will be accepted towards the regular level 4 seminar. 
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

I have posted the first weekend of the February schedule.  This has been a difficult schedule to work with due to the volume of games, and also the promotions some folks have given themselves.  I will need to check with Ron and Pat to ensure that folks are requesting the correct level of game, and hope to do that before Wedensday so that I can post the remainder of the schedule by then.  If you are interested in any of the slots that are open on the first weekend, please let me know.  Thank!!  Fearna
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

Update on 1/20 @ 1:20am

The RYHA schedule was updated again at 1:20am this morning.  CHECK THE LIST CAREFULLY.  If you game is not on the list, IT IS STILL BEING PLAYED.


A link to a list of game cancellations/delays AS OF 9:30PM ON SATURDAY is on the RYHA website.  If your game is NOT on this list, IT IS STILL BEING PLAYED as of the time I am sending this.  This may change, based on the weather in the morning.  Please check the RYHA website for updates prior to leaving for your game.  I will not be available to update the MAOA website to show cancelled games. 

If you live in an area that has had severe weather which prohibits driving, YOU WILL NEED TO FIND SOMEONE TO COVER YOUR GAME.  Try someone who's game was cancelled - chances are they will be available to help you out.  In the case of an emergency or if you do not have the password to the referee phone list, please call one of the Board Members.

Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

Per Russ LaFrance, CHL Commissioner of Travel, all HOUSE SELECT games for this weekend have been cancelled.  These games are identified on the schedule by "HS" after them.

Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
New Board Member 01/18/2008

Congratulations to Mike Rhodes in his appointment to the MAOA Board of Directors.  Mike brings with him over 7 years of officiating, and is a level 3 official.  Mike is dedicated to working with new officials to help them grow, not only in officiating but also in applying what they learn on the ice to their personal goals and achievements.  We look forward to having him on the Board!!
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

Please check the RYHA website for any cancellations in the event we do get some bad weather.    If you are working travel games, please check to be sure that the opposing team is not having bad weather in their area, and are able to make the trip.  The RYHA website is WWW.RYHA.ORG and they will try to give at least 2 hours notice of any game cancellations.  Please don't call me - I will be at work, and will not be checking to see if your games are being played.  Thanks!!!!

Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
MAOA Board Member Voting 01/01/2008

MAOA Board Member voting is now open!

Please note the following:

  • Voting is open from 12:00am Jan 1, 2007 through 12:00pm Jan 14, 2007
  • Only one vote may be cast per association member
  • To cast your vote, send an e-mail to David Dube and Fearna Tyndall indicating your name, and whom you are casting your vote for
  • Please put the following in the subject line of your e-mail (exclude quotes) "MAOA Board Position Vote"
  • Emails only sent to Dave or to Fearna (ie not to both) will be discarded)
  • The next board member will be announced at the January MAOA Association Meeting
To view the candidate's resumes, point your browser to: http://www.maoa.net/misc/maoa_board_voting.php
Posted By: David Dube
JANUARY 2008 SCHEDULE 12/17/2007

I have started on the January schedule, working first on assigning the newer referees.  Please check your games and confirm whether or not you are able to work them ASAP.

Seniors - I have not started your schedule yet because I wanted to get the newer guys up and running.  I will continue to work on it, and will have the entire schedule posted by noon on Tuesday.




Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The December final schedule has been posted - please review and make sure that if you switched games or picked up someone elses games, the correction has been made.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF YOU GIVE AWAY OR TAKE A GAME YOU NEED TO E-MAIL ME IMMEDIATELY.  BOTH PARTIES NEED TO E-MAIL SO THAT THERE IS A CLEAR TRAIL THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHO IS DOING THE GAME!!!!  If you are not following this procedure, you will not get paid correctly - which is great if you gave up the games, but not so good if you took them.  Don't rely on the other person to get me the message because that usually doesn't happen.  PLEASE GET ANY CORRECTIONS FOR DECEMBER TO ME BEFORE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe holiday!!



Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
December Schedule 11/28/2007

Greetings all -

I apologize for the lateness in the December schedule - I am in the middle of moving.  I will continue to work on it today (Wedneseday) and hope to be able to post it this evening.  If I am unable to post the entire schedule, I will get this weekend up at a minimum.




Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The November final schedule has been posted to the website.  Please review and get any changes to me before Friday, 11/23.  If your games are correct, you do not need to contact me.


Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
Level 3 Closed Book Test 11/13/2007

Below is a memo from Cameron Gentile regarding the  procedure used for the Level 3 closed book test - this should address any concerns folks may have.  If you have further questions, please let Ron or me know.  Thanks. 

1)The procedure for transferring the ScanTron information over was three part. I rebubbled and bar coded every test personally. I then had not one but two of my employees at work check to make sure that there were ZERO discrepancies from the photocopied ScanTron to the form that was submitted to USAH.

2) There was a high failure rate in all areas of the state. Including 3 long time level threes (outside of the Raleigh area) that did so poorly that they dropped to level 1. Two (2) former level 4s just made level three by the skin of their teeth. The wording on the open book and level 3/4 tests was very particular, often with one word determining F or T. Those who did not read each question carefully had a very hard time when it came to grading. .

My advice  -  Get to know your rule book better!

Posted By: Fearna
2007-2008 MAOA Referee Rates 11/06/2007

Several people have asked about our rates this year. The 2007-2008 Referee Rates are now posted under the "Refs Only" tab. Sorry for the delay.
Posted By: Dave Dube
REMINDER: Turn your clocks back one hour Saturday Night 11/03/2007

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend. You need to set your clocks back 1 hour before you go to be Saturday Night. Otherwise, you'll arrive an hour early at your games on Sunday. :-)
Posted By: Dave Dube

1.  The final October schedule has been posted - please let me know if there are any changes I did not catch before Thursday, November 1st.  If your games are good, you do not need to contact me.

 2.  The first round of the November schedule has been posted.  Please note that if you e-mailed me availability but were not at the meeting, I have not put  you on the schedule yet.  IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST YEAR REFFING, YOU WILL NEED TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE YOUR CREST ASAP.  If you do not, I will schedule you for games later in the month - if you do, I will schedule you now.

I'm sure as the month progresses, there will be changes.  We may have to switch some folks to accomodate our new referees and get them started.  I will let you know in advance if this happens.

Please confirm your games as soon as possible. Thanks. 


Posted By: Fearna

Please note the following - these rules were NOT followed this past weekend.  If you need to, get out your rule book!! 

CHECKING IN A GIRLS' GAME:   Checking in a girls game is covered in Rule 640A (Note 1).  Note 2 addresses the fact that body contact is permitted as long as it is not an overt check.  IF YOU ARE ASSIGNED A GIRLS GAME, PLEASE BE FAMILIAR WITH THIS RULE!!!

VARSITY: RYHA has approved/agreed to the Touch-Up offside rules for the House Varsity program.  We will review this at the next meeting.

We need to be making consistent calls that follow the USA Hockey guidelines.  Please don't make up rules as you go - that will result in you being removed from the schedule.  If you are unsure about a call, look it up.  There should always be at least one copy of the USA Hockey Rule Book at the scorekeepers table.   Ron and I receive calls and/or e-mails regarding rule changes, not following rules, using profanity on the ice, etc.  We are trying to establish a partnership with Raleigh Youth Hockey Association, and have made a commitment to provide the best referees possible with customer service being in the forefront. 

Posted By:
MAOA Association Mtg Thursday 10/18, 7:00pm in Cary 10/16/2007

Just a reminder, we're having our first Association mtg in Cary this Thursday at 7:00pm.
For those folks wondering "Where is my check for games I reffed in September?". Joe Corey will be bringing and handing out checks at the mtg. Joe will mail the remainder checks (for those not at the association mtg to pick up their check) on Friday.
Also... remember, if the $$$ amount is a little less than you expected, the 2007-2008 MAOA Association dues is taken out of your first paycheck.
Posted By: David Dube
September Schedule Posted 09/11/2007

We have scheculed some games for this month.  If you are interested in any of these games, please let me know ASAP - they will be filling up fast!

Please note that the games that are numbered a,b,c are 1/2 hour games put together in a block.

Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

This year's Raleigh USA Hockey Referee Seminar for levels 1, 2 & 3 has been scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 30th at the RBC Center. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SEMINAR HELD IN RALEIGH!! Please register on-line through the USA Hockey website or SouthEastRefs.org as soon as possible so that we can get an idea of how many folks will be attending Please remember to bring with you: skates (no goalie or figure skates), a helmet without a cage (a visor or 1/2 shield is acceptable) and a whistle. If you do not have these items, you will not be able to participate in the on-ice portion of the seminar. REMEMBER...THIS IS THE ONLY SEMINAR TO BE HELD IN THE RALEIGH AREA!!!! There will be single seminars in Charlotte, Hillsborough and Wilmington, as well as in South Carolina and Virginia. Please do not ask if we can arrange another seminar, or if you are required to attend as long as you complete the exam - there will be no exceptions! If you have any questions, please let one of us know.
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The final May schedule has been posted - please get any changes to me before Wednesday, May 30. Thanks, and have a great summer!! Fearna
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
MAOA End of Year Cook Out, Thursday, May 17 7:00pm 5/14/2007

Hello everyone!

This has been a long season. The MAOA board wants to extend our thanks and congrats to everyone for their hard work and dedication this season. As a thanks we'll be holding the end of the year cook out at the Garner Optimist Club starting at 7:00pm. I encourage everyone to attend. It'll be a good time to have some good food, have fun with your fellow refs, and eat some good food. We'll also be announcing the 2007 receipient of the MAOA Scholarship at the meeting. Thanks go out to all of the individuals who applied.


Garner Optimist Club 2110 Vandora Springs Rd Garner, NC 27529
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

I have sent everyone a memo written by RYHA to their coaches regarding the new rule for the Spring season that any player assessed a fighting penalty will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs. There are no second chances, hearings, appeals or refunds. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you did not get a copy of the memo, please let me know and I will send it to you. This affects all levels, not just varsity. You will need to announce this to every coach at the beginning of every game, even if you have the same coach multiple times. Please don't put yourself in a position to argue with a coach whether or not you made the right call - be clear and confident and politely explain the call and end the discussion. Again, if you did not get a copy of the memo, please let me know. Thanks. Fearna
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

Please review the final APRIL schedule and get any changes to me before THURSDAY, MAY 3. Thanks!! Fearna
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

Please confirm May games by Friday, 4/27 to avoid being removed from the schedule. Thanks.
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall
2006-2007 MAOA Scholarship Is Open 4/16/2007

In case you did not receive an e-mail, wev've made some changes to the scholarship process. Any graduating seniors, or current full-time college students are now eligible.

In addition, the scholarship has been raised to $700!

Former winners are not eligible for the scholarship.

The forms are available on the "Miscellaneous" page. Please have the filled out forms in my hand by midnight, May 6th, 2007.
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The Hillsborough Sportsplex is sponsoring an IRONMAN TOURNAMENT on 4/14 - 4/15. If you are interested in reffing, please contact Mark Hamlett for details at 919-644-0339, ext. 243
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The final March schedule and the 1st draft of the April schecule have been posted. Please get changes for March and confirmation for April to me by THURSDAY, APRIL 5. Please note - we have 86 games in April because of month being cut short by spring break. Please confirm your games ASAP as we have plenty of referees who are looking for games!!!!
Posted By: Fearna Tyndall

The final February schedule is posted - please review and get any changes to me before Sunday, 3/4. March confirmations are due on Thursday, 3/1 - if games are not confirmed, they will be replaced. Thanks. Fearna
Posted By:

The 1st draft of the March schedule is up on the website - please have all confirmations/changes to me before Thursday, March 1st. I WILL NOT BE SENDING ANY REMINDERS THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
Posted By:
MAOA's Newet Board Member 2/8/2007

The MAOA board has not received any new nominations since the last association meeting. As a result, we're accepting the sole nomination as an appointment on to the board.

The board is pleased to announce the Mid Atlantic Official's Association's newest Board Member is Mark Larouche.

Congrats Mark!
Posted By:

The first draft of the February schedule has been posted. Please confirm your games ASAP - especially if you are scheduled for this weekend!!! All posted games must be confirmed by Thursday at noon. Thanks.
Posted By:

The final January schedule has been posted - please check it CAREFULLY!! There were a lot of changes this month. All changes are due by Thursday, 2/2 at noon. The February schedule is under construction and will be posted tomorrow (Monday) hopefully by noon. Fearna
Posted By:
Request for Board Member Nominations 1/3/2007

As some of you may know, Matt Zaske has recently stepped down from the board. I'd like to thank Matt for all of his hard work and dedication. There's a lot of work that goes unnoticed behind the scenes, and Matt tirelessly drove those efforts. Again, thanks Matt!

With Matt's leaving, we have an opening on the board. We'd like to have people who are interested in being a board member send an email to the board stating their intentions and goals for being a board member. This will help you collect your thoughts when introducing yourself and your candidacy at the January association meeting. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me or any board member an email.
Posted By:

The final December schedule has been posted - I know there are some folks who switched games and didn't let me know - please check the schedule CAREFULLY and make sure all of your games are correct. If they are not, let me know before NOON ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21. The first draft of the JANUARY schedule has been posted - please confirm your games by Friday, 12/22. Thanks!!
Posted By:

If you have not received your CURRENT (2006-07) crest from USA Hockey, your name has been removed from the schedule per USA Hockey's memo requiring us to do so. I received a list on 12/1 of all referee's who have not yet completed the certification process (this includes those who have submitted their test but have not received their crest)and have removed those folks from the December schedule. If your name was removed YOU MAY NOT REQUEST GAMES UNTIL YOU HAVE PHYSICALLY RECEIVED YOUR CREST. Anyone who is not displaying a current USA Hockey crest on their jersey at a USA Hockey function WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SCHEDULE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE MONTH. Please do not tell me that you can't sew, your mom lost it, the dog ate it, or you didn't have time to put it on!!! These directives have been given to us by USA Hockey and are non-negotiable. If you have any questions, please let either me or Ron know. Thanks!!!
Posted By:
You must have your new patch to ref! 12/1/2006

Officials, your USA Hockey Ref certifications expire Thursday night, 11/30/06. If you have not renewed your certifications you can not skate MAOA games. Please contact Fearna and/or Biscotti ASAP.
Posted By:
New Changing Area At The Iceplex 11/26/2006

Ice Plex locker room location (NEW CHANGE)- there has been a change in the locker room area because of construction on the ref room. The location where the officials will now need to use as the locker room is listed on the door "coaches room". This location is on the left as you walk in (right before the players dressing rooms). This room has plenty of space and has a toilet and sinks in it. Reminder- do not use the office to change in.
Posted By:
Intentional offsides.... A reminder 11/26/2006

As talked about at the meeting, please read-up on the following "intentional off-sides" vs. regular off-sides situations. This should make things clear. If not, contact Biscotti for further clarifications. Casebook Rule 626, situations #29-34.
Posted By:

The final October schedule has been posted - please let me know if there are any changes/additions/deletions BEFORE Friday, November 24th. Thanks!!
Posted By:

October paychecks will be distributed at the meeting tonight. If you are not at the meeting, your check will be mailed on Friday morning. Please remember, if this is your first month refereeing this season the membership dues of $20.00 will be deducted from your check. Thanks!!
Posted By:

If you have not submitted your test and received your 2006-2007 crest by 11/30/06, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO SKATE GAMES UNTIL YOUR CREST IS RECEIVED. If you have any questions, please let either me, Ron or Pat know. It takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks for the crest to be received after the test is submitted. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!!!
Posted By:

NOTE: THIS APPLIES TO TRAVEL HOCKEY PLAYERS ONLY!!!!If you cannot attend due to your hockey schedule, you will need to submit your game requests before the meeting and make sure you note why you cannot come to the meeting. The December schedule will be posted this weekend, and you should request the game by number ie: game # 82, 83, 84 - please don't use the date, rink and/or level as an identifier for the games because we have multi-games at the same date/time. Games are given to folks that attend the meetings first, but we will take into consideration your travel schedule and try to accomodate it.
Posted By:

REMINDER: If you are unable to do game(s) you are scheduled for, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement. If you return the game to me, there is a $15.00 fine per game. DO NOT leave a message on my voicemail that you can't do your game - you must speak to a live person!! In case of an EMERGENCY, if you cannot reach me, call a Board Member. If you leave me a voice mail and do not show up for your game, you will be fined the ENTIRE game fee. If you have questions about this policy, which is not new, let me know. Thanks.
Posted By:

The Final October schedule has been posted - please review and get any changes to me by Friday, November 3 at noon. The November schedule has been updated - if you have not confirmed your games, please do so!!! Thanks.
Posted By:

Sunday, November 12 - levels 1 & 2, possible 3. Please contact ICEHAWG97@AOL.COM to register.
Posted By:

I have posted many changes to the October schedule for this weekend - please let me know if you are interested!! The November schedule has been posted - please have your games confirmed by Sunday. I have added a lot of games to this schedule as well, so please let me know if you want additional games. Thanks.
Posted By:
Interested in Reffing at the Ice Plex? 10/25/2006

Russ Damron is looking for new officials to ref men's league games. If interested, please contact Russ @ russd@iceplex.com.

Please note, adult league games are not part of MAOA. In otherwords, scheduling, paychecks, etc are handeled by the leagues themselves.
Posted By:
Iceplex Officials Changing Rooms 11/7/2006

REPOST: All officials must use the locker room at the far end of the rink (past the Player’s room #4). Go through the double blue doors. It is down that hallway.

The Iceplex Office should no longer be used.
Posted By:

Due to an unexpected change in my work schedule, I will not be posting the November schedule until Thursday, 10/26.
Posted By:
Listserv 10/20/2006

I've created a mailing list for members of the association to use. I've already added everyone's email address from the contact list. The list is managed/closed - which means only email addresses associated with the list can send and receive mail to the list.

I did this to avoid SPAM getting to people's accounts from the list.

You should have already received a mailing by me giving you information on how to subscribe alternative email addresses, or unsubscribe from the list. For those that didn't get the mail, send me an email and I'll add you once I verify you're part of the association.

For reference, the list is:


Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to send out mass emails while only needing to know one email address.
Posted By:
2006-2007 Pay Rates Have Been Updated 10/11/2006

Sorry for the delay. The 2006-2007 Season Pay Rates have been posted under Miscellaneous - Fee Schedule. You'll notice a few new classifications (3 Man Midgets w/20 minute periods, and Junior C - for East Coast Eagles).
Posted By:

The November meeting will be held on Thursday, October 19th at 7 PM at the GARNER ICEHOUSE. Please remember that folks who attend the meetings are given first choice of games. If you cannot attend the meeting, please e-mail me BEFORE the meeting date with your game requests. Folks who contact me prior to the meeting will be given 2nd choice of games, and so on and so forth.......
Posted By:

The final September schedule has been posted. Please get any changes to me before Friday, October 6. We still have availability on the October schedule - if there are any games you would like to do, please let me know!! thanks.
Posted By:

Please confirm your October games before Thursday if possible. Thanks!
Posted By:
THANKS!! 10/3/2006

I would like to thank the following folks for their generosity and willingness to pitch in at the last minute and change rinks, times and games this weekend!! It was a very busy, crazy weekend and they made it possible to get all of the games covered! Mike Newport, Chuck Crew, Rich Leonard, Matt Zaske, Ashleigh Nyborg, Austin Zerkle, Paul Kelcey, Mark Lavender, and Connor Brailsford - AND KEVIN A TAYLOR
Posted By:

The September and October calendars have been posted on the website. The September meeting will be this Thursday, September 14th, at 7 p.m. at the Cary IceHouse. Please remember that folks who attend the meeting have priority for being scheduled!!! Scheduling requests must be submitted on the "game availability" form which is available at the meeting. We are looking forward to another great season!!
Posted By:
Please registar! 9/8/2006

There are already a large number of officials registered for tomorrows session. If you plan to show up tomorrow, or any session for that matter, please register at southeastrefs.org. It'll help ensure everyone gets an exam.
Posted By:
Registering for seminars 9/6/2006

Although not mandatory, please take the time to register for the seminar your planning to attend at southeastrefs.org.

Registering helps to ensure there are enough tests for everyone (some extras will be available for walk-ins).
Posted By:
Benefit Game for David Paul 9/1/2006 8/31/2006

I'm sure many of you have heard about what happened to David (Fearna's son) earlier this year. After several days in the hospital, he is left with a rather hefty hospital bill.

A benefit game is being held at the RecZone this Friday, 9/1/2006 at 7:30pm in order to help cover some of the costs. Please come out to help support David.

Posted By:
First Association Mtg Of The Year: CIH 9/14/06 8/22/2006

The first association meeting of the year will be held on Thursday, 9/14/06 at the Cary Ice House starting at 7pm. We'll be covering the new rule emphasis (since most seminars aren't until later). There will be games in September. In order to be eligible for these games, you must show up to the mtg so as to have a consistant interpretation of the rule changes.
Posted By:
Training seminars 9/5/2006

The following dates have been set for upcoming training seminars:

Level 1
Garner YMCA
Level 1 & 2
Level 2
Garner YMCA
Level 3
RBC Center

For those officials who have been a Level 3 official for 3 consecutive years there is an abbreviated, half day option at the 10/1 seminar @ RBC Center. Participants for either session on 10/1 need to enter via the VIP entrance. The ice session will be held at Cary.

Registration for all sessions will start at 8:00am sharp.

Posted By:
Intrest for Reffing in Fayetteville 7/24/2006

The Cape Fear Hockey Association is gauging our interest in our scheduling games for Fayetteville. Even if you are or are not interested, send Matt Zaske an email indicating "Yes - I'd be willing to ref in Fayetteville" or "No - I would not be willing to ref in Fayetteville".

We don't have too much in the way of details, but looks like there would typically be 2 games late Saturday afternoon, and 4 early games Sunday morning. People could pick up all 6 games.

We think these will be Bantam and Midget level games. Not quite sure on the payment per game, but there will be some form of a travel/hotel stipend.

Posted By:
Welcome Referee's Closet! 7/10/2006

I'd like to publicly welcome Jim Nafus, owner of The Referee's Closet, an online retailer of ice hockey official's equipment.

Over a decade ago, Jim started this company to help pay his way through college. It is therefore fitting that 100% of his sponsorship of this site will go towards funding MAOA's scholarship program for graduating high school seniors.

Referee's Closet is dedicated to providing an inexpensive avenue for officials to purchase high quality equipment. As an ice hockey official for over a decade, Jim is quite familiar with all the equipment needed by today's officials. You'll find many reviews of equipment based on Jim's personal experience. If you don't see a review, don't hesitate to email or call, I'm sure Jim will give you the low down.

Lastly, by "clicking" on the Referee's Closet image on the left, you not only support our sponsor, but you also support our association and the continued advancement of our scholarship program.

Posted By:
USA Hockey Seminar dates 6/24/2006

The "tentative" dates that were posted earlier for the Level 1, 2 & 3 seminars have been changed - the new dates have not yet been finalized. Please check back for further details.
Posted By:
State Games 6/24/2006

NOTE: North Carolina State Games are NOT USA Hockey sanctioned games, and your USA Hockey insurance does not cover you during them. Please do not wear your USA Hockey patch for these games. Also, please note MAOA is not affiliated with the State Games of North Carolina
Posted By:
More love for MAOA refs 6/12/2006

Congratulations to Rich Leonard who was selected to USA Hockey's "Elite Camp". This is an extremely selective program, and bodes well for the recognition our organization has been receiving.

The objective of the Elite Camp is:

"To expose and train officials for International competition. To establish an officiating path that compliments growth toward the International game. To identify potential international candidates for future IIHF consideration."

Congrats Rich!

Posted By:
District Officiating Seminar 6/7/2006

District Officiating Seminar. USA Hockey will be conducting a Disrict Officiating Seminar (DOS) August 18-20 in Alpharetta, GA. The DOS is for experienced Southeastern District Referees who want to improve their skills at an intensive three day training camp. The seminar will include advanced classroom and on-ice instruction by senior USA Hockey and Southeastern District instructors. With the exception of Level 4 officials, attendance at the DOS will fulfill your annual seminar requirement, so come prepared to take your closed book test. Level 4 Referees are welcome to attend the DOS, but you will still be required to attend a Level 4 seminar and pass the Level 4 closed book and skating tests.

District Officiating Seminar attendance is by invitation only. USA Hockey will be mailing invitations to all currently registered Southeastern District Level 2, 3, and 4 officials in late June or early July. The USA Hockey invitation package will include complete details, including fees and lodging information. We'll post a notice here after the invitations are sent and let you know how to register for the DOS in case you don't get your invite in the mail.

Posted By:

The final May schedule has been posted - please get any changes to me before noon on Sunday, June 4. Thanks to everyone for your dedication and hard work - see you all next season! Fearna
Posted By:
More MAOA refs getting recognition 5/31/2006

We've had an unprecidented number of officials being invited to USA Hockey Officiating camps this summer.

The following have been selected to go to:

Jessie Anastasio
Dave Dries
Austin Zerkle

Greg Fleukinger

Congrats to all. Way to represent!

Posted By:
MAOA Meeting 5/18/2006 5/17/2006

Reminder, the association end of year meeting/cook out will be at the Garner Ice House this Thursday (5/18/2006) starting at 7:00pm. Make sure to come hungry!
Posted By:
Congrats to Paige and Ashleigh!!!! 5/18/2006

Our local officials continue to receive recognition. Recently, Ashleigh and Paige were invited, and participated in a Woman's Officiating Camp in Maryland.

Great Job!!!

The Three Stooges

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When sending e-mails... 5/9/2006

Just a general heads up. I've received a few e-mails regarding rule references. None of these e-mails have included a name of the sender. In addition, the e-mail address is not even listed in the contact sheet.

There is no way for anyone to know if these e-mails are from a ref, coach, player, or parent. If you have sent something out and haven't gotten a reply, make sure to put your name on the e-mail, or at a minimum, send the mail from the e-mail account listed on the contact sheet. Otherwise it's unlikely you'll get a reply. Thanks!

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Reminder to confirm games in May 5/3/2006

Please make sure to confirm your May games on the posted schedule to Fearna ASAP, or your name could be taken off and games will be redistributed to others.
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The final April schedule has been posted - please get any changes to me BEFORE THURSDAY, MAY 4TH. Thanks!!
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May Cook Out Reminder 5/1/2006

Garner Ice House, is the location of the MAOA "cook-out". Scheduled for 5/18/06 at 7pm (year end cookout). Come prepared for to eat food on the grill!
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Reminder - there is a monthly meeting on Thursday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cary IceHouse. Since we are winding down, we have fewer games - please remember that folks who attend the meeting have first priority to be assigned games. There have been some changes to the April schedule - please check it! Thanks.
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The final March schedule has been posted. Please get any changes to me by THURSDAY, MARCH 28th. The April schedule has been posted - please confirm your games by FRIDAY, MARCH 29TH. Thanks!! Fearna
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MAOA 2006 Scholarship Form Posted 3/21/2006

The MAOA 2006 Scholarship Application for current High School Seniors attending school next fall has been posted in the "Miscellaneous" section. There is a MS Word and PDF version available. For those applying, you can either e-mail me back the filled in form, or bring it with you to the April MAOA meeting. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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Monthly Meeting for March This Thursday 3/14/2006

The monthly MAOA mtg is this Thursday, March 16th, starting at 7:00pm at the Cary Ice House. The April schedule has been posted - if you are unable to attend the meeting, please submit your availability before Thursday.
Posted By:

I have received several complaints about folks not being on time for their games. This is unnacceptable!! The game time that is listed on the schedule is the time that you are to be on the ice. Referee's are required to be on the ice during the warm-up. Five minutes after start time is when the puck should be dropping. Being late is unprofessional - as a MAOA member, all referees are expected to be dressed and ready to take the ice 15 minutes BEFORE game time. Referees who continue to be late will be fined accordingly. Thanks for your cooperation in resolving this.
Posted By:

The final February calendar has been posted - please check for accuracy and let me know if there are any changes by Wednesday, March 1. The first weekend in March has been posted - we are in desparate need of some advanced midget-level folks!! I am still sorting out the TBD games for the remainder of the month, but hope to have it posted by Wednesday afternoon. Fearna
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RYHA: "Cup" House League Tournaments 2/16/2006

The following are rules pertaining to the House League Tournaments:

Semi- Finals & Championship:
(3) 15 Minute Stop Time Periods

Tie Break: (Semi Finals & Championship):
4 On 4 - 5 Minute Sudden Death OT,
(if needed) Best Of 3 on 3 shootout,
(if needed) 1 On 1 Sudden Death Shoot Out

Please be sure to follow these guidelines for the upcoming games. Thanks!
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MEETING REMINDER/March Schedule 2/16/2006

Reminder - there is a meeting Thursday, Feb 16th at 7:00 at the Cary IceHouse. The March schedule has been posted, although it is not yet complete.
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To those of you who have confirmed your games, THANKS!! If you have not confirmed your games, please do so as soon as possible. Folks have gotten into the habit of confirming one week at a time, or waiting until the Thursday before the weekend to confirm. Please try to confirm ALL of your games when they appear on the schedule - games that are not confirmed are subject to being switched!! Thanks. Fearna
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The final January schedule has been posted. Please review your games and let me know if I missed any changes by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND. Thanks!!
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1099s are in the mail 1/18/2006

I've been informed the 1099s for 2005 have been dropped off at the post office today (1/18/05). I would think everyone should have their 1099s by Saturday. Thanks Joe for the quick turn around! Joe says he's going to now work through any pay discrepencies that he's aware of next.
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Game Misconduct Reporting procedure 1/18/2006

To reiterate what was said at the meeting. All youth game misconduct reports need to be sent to *both* John Biederman (email: john@bmi-inc.com Fax: 919-878-0580) and Ron Biscotti (e-mail: IceHawg97@aol.com, Fax: 919-552-9159)
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Reminder: MAOA Meeting 1/12/2006 1/12/2006

Friendly reminder: We have an association meeting tonight at 7:00pm, Cary Ice House.
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I am working dilligently on the January schedule, and have posted the FIRST WEEKEND in January only. If you are on the schedule for the first weekend, please confirm your games!
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The final schedule for December has been posted - please let me know if there are any changes which need to be made by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST AT NOON. I am still working on the January schedule, and will have it posted this week. Thanks, and have a happy, safe holiday season! Fearna
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November Checks are in the mail 12/19/2005

For those who have asked, the November checks were mailed on the 15th, so you should get them shortly. Also, you should receive the December checks before the end of the month.
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JANUARY 2006 SCHEDULE/MEETING 12/8 12/5/2005

The January schedule has been posted. The December meeting will be Thursday, 12/8 at 7 p.m. at the Cary IceHouse. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND!! Last month we had some unhappy people who were not at the meeting and did not get any games - the schedules are filling up very quickly these days. If you cannot attend, please remember you need to let me know. Your game requests will be considered after those who were at the meeting, but before folks who did not notify me they would be unable to attend. Thanks!! Fearna
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Re-certification is due today 12/1! 12/1/2005

From the Pres... Officials- Re-certification for USA Hockey is 12/1/05 for the '05/'06 Season. A number of you have been removed from this weekends schedule because they aren't actively certified. Fearna has emailed all of those involved in this scenerio. Please CHECK the schedule before the upcoming weekends. If you are not certified....you aren't allowed on the ice! Thanks.
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Web Site Cleanup 11/21/2005

I've attempted to clean up the website a bit. All of the college related material is gone. The Links, Forms, Contacts, and Past Schedule pages have been updated. If people find a missing or broken link, please let me know.
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The final November schedule has been posted - please let me know if there are any changes/corrections before WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd. Thanks!!
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Reminder: Get your open book tests completed! 11/16/2005

A reminder for those you have yet to send in their open book tests. Your certification ends at the end of November. You must be certified in order to continue reffing games starting Dec 1st. People in this situation, may want to consider taking the exam online in order to speed up the process.
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The first draft of the December schedule has been posted - please look carefully as I have had to make some adjustments to accommodate all of our new referees!! I have 3 availability request sheets that have NO NAME.....if you think one might be yours, let me know!
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Correction: Individual Invoice 11/15/2005

I recently revamped our invoice we use to send to our partners (RYHA, ECE, etc). Got to thinking some folks may like to use it for their own use for calculating their expected monthly income. I tweaked the invoice so that it calculates an individual invoice for a referee (The invoice we use wouldn't work for such an exercise). Just enter in the number of games, and the total dollar ammount will be calculated accordingly. You can find the file under the "Miscellaneous" page. Lastly, I didn't take into account any fines for turning back games, or not showing up - seeing that is such a rare occurance. I'll leave it as an exercise for those interested. :-)
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November Meeting Tonight (11/10/2005) 11/10/2005

Sorry for the late reminder. The November meeting is tonight, 7:00pm at the Cary Ice House.
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Individual Game Stats 11/7/2005

At the bottom of the main "Scheduling" page you'll see a link to the individual game stats. I'm tracking these stats by hand, so there is a possibility for an error. Keep in mind, these stats are for informational purposes, and in no way are used for processing checks. If you like this addition, or would like to see something else, shoot me a mail.
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CORRECTION: Just a reminder to verify the schedule 11/7/2005

Try to verify the schedule within 3 days of the last game day within a given month. In doing so, we can process checks early in months like November where the last game day is 11/20/2005. Thanks for your help! Continue to keep working hard.
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The final October schedule has been posted - please review for accuracy and get any changes to me before Thursday, 11/3. Thanks.
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Remember to set clocks back 1 hour this weekend! 10/24/2005

Clocks move back 1 hour at 2am Sunday October 30th. Make sure you have the correct time before heading out to games.
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For those having difficulty reading the schedule 10/14/2005

Quick answer: Try using Internet Explorer

As you can probably guess, the schedule is entered into Microsoft Excel. When we save the file to html, Excel includes non standard html extensions. As a result, when you use a web browser like Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, etc. the formatting gets messed up.

Also, the bold type does not appear to be saved when saving in html format. I think what we're going to try and do is instead of bolding people's names when confirmed, if a game is confirmed, it will be highlighted in blue.

We appologize for the inconvenience. We're trying to figure out a way to correct these issues. In the mean time, we'll just have to work around the bugs.

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I have updated the October schedule with all of the RYHA changes as well as the requests I have received to date. There were 20+ games added, and a several level changes/clarifications. Unfortunately, our website is not showing confirmed games in bold on a regular basis - if you know you have confirmed, you are all set. If you have not confirmed, please do so!!! Thanks.
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Double Trouble - Congrats Michele!!!! 10/8/2005

Our fearless Webmaster is the proud mother of twins!!!!!

Lily Marie, 2lb 13 oz, was born at 12:44pm
Madeleine Grace, 4lb 9oz, was born at 12:46pm

The two I'm sure will make an awesome defensive pair on the ice. :-)

Mom, Dad, and the girls are all doing well.

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Voting results 10/3/2005

The election results are in. Matt Zaske has been elected President, Pat Bush is Vice President, and Dave Dube is Secretary. Thanks to all who took part in the election.
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Contracts signed with Lady Pack and Trailblazers 10/3/2005

We have finalized contracts with the Lady Pack and the Trailblazers. The game fee sheet has been updated to reflect this addition.
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This is a reminder - please do NOT leave a message on my voice mail on Friday that you cannot do games for the weekend. You must speak to a live person!! The fine for returning a game to me is $15.00 per game. If you leave a message and I don't get it, the fine will be a full game fee for a no-show. If I am not available and you have an emergency please call a Board Member
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The final September schedule has been posted - please review for accuracy and get any changes to me before OCTOBER 5. Thanks!!
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Updated game fees posted 9/22/2005

For those interested, the new games fees for the 2005-2006 have been posted.
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Elections (End Midnight, Thur 9/22!) 9/22/2005

Elections for President, Vice President, and Secretary for the association are underway. People need to e-mail Fearna AND Austin Zerkle two names of current board members by no later than end of day Thursday, September 22nd. The person with the most votes will be President, runner up will be Vice President, and the person with the third most votes will be Secretary.

Your candidates and their current possitions (in alphebetical order):

Mike Baxter (Board Member at Large)
Pat Bush (Vice President)
Dave Dube (Board Member at Large)
Matt Zaske (Secretary)

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Fearna's Contact Info 9/7/2005

I am temporarily without e-mail access, and can be reached at (919) 870-1815 or (919) 210-3053. Thanks. Fearna
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2005/2006 MAOA Meeting Schedule 9/7/2005

The 2005/2006 MAOA Meeting Schedule has been posted. Care was taken to not conflict with the Hurricanes or the holidays. See you next week!

First meeting is Thursday, September 15th, 7:00PM at the Cary Ice House.

A drawing will be held for those that attend the first meeting. Winner gets a brand new referee jersey!

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Upcoming Training Sessions 9/2/2005

RYHA has offered to provide some upcoming scrimages for training sessions for those referees wanting to gain more experience. Some of these games will be done with a 3-main system.

These training/evaluation games are done without pay. Officials will be supervised and given an evaluation of performance during the scrimmages. Some games may be split-up by period to give more officials experience and an opportunity to be looked at.

The remaining games are as follows:

Sun 09/11/2005 10:30 AM 11:45 AM
Raleigh Renegades Bantam B/TEAM PEPSI Bantam A/AA Scrimmage @ RecZone

Sat 09/17/2005 10:30 AM 11:45 AM
Raleigh Renegades Bantam B/Raleigh Ice Dragons Bantam B Scrimmage @ ICEHOUSE, GARNER

Sun 09/18/2005 10:30 AM 11:45 AM
Raleigh Midget 16U A/AA/Raleigh Ice Phantoms Midget 16U A/AA Scrimmage @ RecZone

For those interested contact Randy Lee at RandyLnc@aol.com
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USA Hockey Seminar Information 8/3/2005

The USA Hockey Seminar info/schedule has been posted at www.southeastrefs.org/cgi-bin/seminars.pl

Note: Read the instructions at the above site. You must reserve a spot via the applicable "reserve" link to the right of the session you plan on attending. In addition, you need to start the USA Hockey registration process via the online registration tool discussed at: www.usahockey.com/officials/main_site/main/home/
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STATE GAMES 5/20/2005

Steve Wells will be scheduling referees for the State Games this year, and is looking for folks to sign up. Please contact Steve directly at: http://www.HockeyCat.com - 919-969-8330 - steve@hockeycat.com NOTE: These are NOT USA Hockey sanctioned games, and your USA Hockey insurance does not cover you during them. Please do not wear your USA Hockey patch for these games. MAOA IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE STATE GAMES. You will be scheduled and paid for these games through North Carolina Amateur Sports. For more information, please go to their webiste: http://www.ncsports.org.
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MAY SCHEDULE 4/27/2005

I have started working on the May schedule and hope to have it published on Thursday. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WEEKEND SATURDAY IS IN APRIL AND SUNDAY IS IN MAY! Please be sure to look at the "next month" schedule for this Sunday's assigments - I have posted some for Sunday, May 1st and am looking for folks to fill the other slots - please let me know if you are interested! Thanks. Fearna
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The April membership meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21 at the Cary IceHouse and a cook-out will follow. The May schedule has been posted.
Posted By:

The April schedule is posted - there have already been many, many changes, and I anticipate more - please be sure to A) review and confirm your games, or let me know ASAP if the changes don't work for you; and B) check the schedule before you head out for the weekend's games. I will update the schedule before noon every Friday with the final changes for the weekend. I cannot call folks each time there is a change, so please be sure to check the schedule!! APRIL MEETING - will be a cook-out and the final meeting for this season - there will be no MAY meeting. Check back for cook-out details!! USA HOCKEY CERTIFICATION SEMINARS - We will try to have the dates and locations posted by July 1.
Posted By:

The April schedule has been posted. Meeting reminder - Thursday, March 17th at 7:00 at the Cary IceHouse. Please remember - if you cannot attend the meeting, you need to let me know PRIOR to the meeting, and can submit game requests to be scheduled AFTER the folks who attended the meeting have been assigned.
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RYHA has made several changes to the March schedule - please review it carefully, and let me know if there are changes that do not work for you!!!
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This month's meeting will be held on Thursday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the IceHouse in Cary. The March schedule is posted, and the February schedule has been updated with some changes - I am looking for some folks to fill some slots for the remainder of the month!! Thanks.
Posted By:

There are a LOT of games on the website that have not been confirmed. These need to be confirmed ASAP, or I will need to assign them to other people. If your name is in a game that is not in BOLD, it has not been confirmed!!! If games are not confirmed by Thursday for each weekend, they will be re-assigned. Thanks for your help with this!! Fearna
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I have updated this weekend's schedule, and there are a few games that have been added. Please let me know if you are interested! The February schedule is still under construction (or re-construction) - there have been some changes/additions to RYHA games, and I am trying to confirm the Women's Winter Warm-Up. I hope to have the schedule posted on Sunday evening. Thanks for your patience!! Fearna
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Congratulations to our 2 newly elected MAOA board members, David Dube & Mike Baxter. We look forward to an exciting year with new ideas and leadership. Thanks to everyone for participating in the voting, and to all of the candidates for expressing an interest.
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Reminder - monthly meeting on Thursday, January 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cary IceHouse. The February schedule has been posted!!
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We have 2 vacant MAOA Board of Directors positions. Nominations for the 2 Board positions are being accepted until 1/1/05. Please email your nominations to Matt Zaske at: Mattzaske10@yahoo.com Only serious candidate nominations will be accepted. We are looking for members who will be an asset to the MAOA organization, are able to promote growth and training for new officials, and will be able to make a substantial time commitment to better the organization and serve our customers. Thank you.
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The December meeting will be held on Thursday, December 16th at 7:00 p.m. at the IceHouse in Cary.
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Reminder: MAOA Membership meeting on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00 PM at the Cary IceHouse. Please plan to attend!!
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The Factory IceHouse 1839-200 S. Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587 919-453-1500 From Raleigh, come North on Capital Boulevard/US1N to MAIN STREET in Wake Forest (Wakefield Ford & Chris Leith Dodge Dealerships), turn RIGHT, go approx. 1/2 MILE, Factory IceHouse will be on your RIGHT. There will be a small travel stipend for these games.
Posted By:

The first 1/2 of October for RYHA has been posted - many of you have requested games, and I have assigned them based on availability and attendance at the 9/16 meeting. PLEASE BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR GAMES BY E-MAILING ME!!! I will continue to update the schedule as I receive more games from RYHA, so keep checking back!!
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The first meeting of this season will be held on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH at the Cary IceHouse at 7:00 p.m. Future meetings have been listed in the "meetings" section of the webiste. We will be discussing several important issues including new scheduling procedures, so please plan to attend!!
Posted By:

Please plan to be at the rink by 8:00 a.m. to check in and pick up any information that you will need for the seminar. The actual instruction will begin at 8:30, and everyone will need to be checked in and ready to go before 8:30. Thanks!!
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LEVEL 4 SEMINAR 8/24/2004

A Level 4 Official's seminar will be held on Saturday, October 16th at the Garner IceHouse beginning at 8:30 a.m. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ON-LINE FOR THIS SEMINAR at www.southeastrefs.org. As always, skates, a helmet (no cage) and a fingerwhistle are required for all seminars. Questions? Contact Ron Biscotti or Pat Bush.
Posted By:

This is a reminder that pre-registration is required for the USA Hockey Referee Seminars being held in September/October. To pre-register, please go to the website southeastrefs.org and complete the necessary form. Thanks.
Posted By:

Following are the dates for the USA Hockey Referee Seminars for next year:

LEVEL 1 - 3 - All seminars will be held at the Garner IceHouse from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Level 3 - Saturday, September 11

Level 2 - Saturday, September 25

Level 1 - Saturday, October 9

LEVEL 4 - will be held in Raleigh. We do not have a confirmed date, but it will be one of the following: October 2, 16 or 23.
We will post the date once it has been finalized.

NATIONALS - will be held in Richmond next year. Level 4's are chosen first!!

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL SEMINARS. This may be done at the USA Hockey website - www.usahockey.com.


QUESTIONS? Please contact Ron Biscotti or Pat Bush.

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State Games 6/2/2004

The State Games of North Carolina will be in Raleigh for the next three weekends at The RecZone, The Cary Ice House, and The Garner Ice House. Larry Fields and Fearna Tyndall will be the supervisor and scheduler for the State Games. They are both volunteers and are working independently for the State Games of North Carolina. MAOA has agreed to allow officials assignments to be posted on our website to help facilitate communication between the officials and their assignments. MAOA supports the State Games, but is not involved from an administrative standpoint. Larry Fields will be responsible for submitting paysheets and partcipation agreement forms to the State Games office. Liability will be responsibility of the individual official as the State Games are NOT USA Hockey sanctioned. Larry has asked the all officials arrive 1 hour before game time to review specific State Games rules. An exception to this will be the first game of the day in which officials should arrive 30 minutes before the game. State Games rules, participation forms, and pay sheets will be present in all of the officials locker rooms. If you have any questions please call me at the Ice House or Fearna.
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Results of the Board Election 4/29/2004

The general membership has voted that Rob Morris will serve as MAOA Board Member.

Randy Lee

President MAOA

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September Checks 10/9/2003

MAOA Officials,

Checks have been mailed for September 2003. Please note that this is the first month of the "New" season. You will notice a deduction from your check of $10.00 for MAOA dues. This is not to be confused with the $10.00 that you paid for the seminar. That money goes to the affiliate (CAHA). I also deducted $35.00 from those of you who did not pay for the NIHOA fees prior to the season.

Just wanted to clear up any questions or confusion,

Posted By:
Cancellation Policy 3/2/2003

MAOA Officials,

As per our contract with the associations,

Schedule Cancellations: Any game cancellations must be received no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the game, otherwise full game fees will be charged. MAOA will not hold (said organization) responsible for fee reimbursement if the situation is an "Act of God" type and no appropriate notice was given to either party.

What this means is that the youth associations will not be held liable for snow/ice storms, hurricanes, tornados....etc. Which unfortunately means that officials scheduled for games that fall under this clause will not be paid as well.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion about the ice storm that hit us mid February.

Posted By:
Mailing of Checks 2/8/2003

MAOA Officials,

There have been a few questions about when checks get mailed. For the last few months I have been able to get them out rather quickly because we have had extra long weekends or vacation time where the leagues were not playing. This meant I could cut the checks as soon as the month ended. In December the youth leagues were done December 20th which allowed me to mail the checks by the 26th, 27th, and 28th of the month.

I will try my best to get the checks out as soon as possible at the end of each month but I have until the 15th of the month before they are considered "tardy". If there are any questions please feel free to contact myself or the board and we will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Darren Haggett
MAOA Treasurer

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Real Deal 1-29-02 1/29/2002

If you haven't gotten the word yet, the MAOA web site is up and running (www.maoa.net)!  Please feel free to provide feedback if you think we should include anything that isn't already on this site.  Goofy graphics and other things will come at a later date.  

New email

My new email is bfine@maoa.net.  I will be using the hockeyhead44@hotmail.com account as backup from time to time. Please send me anything having to do with MAOA business to the bfine@maoa.net account.  Thanks!


For those of you who signed up last night, thanks for your help. Please note that some of you signed up for games that are slightly over your ability level at this time and I made changes accordingly. For those of you that were not at last night's meeting, the schedule will not be open to you until Wednesday of nest week (1-30-02), so sit tight and wait.  For those of you that were in attendance but didn't get on the sked, you will have an opportunity to request games starting this evening (Friday, 1-25-02).  One more reminder:  check the sked frequently for changes, cancellations, turn in's and add-on's. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to extend the opportunity to each and every person to voice your concerns with our Association.  If you would like to do this, feel free to petition any member of the Board (in writing) and ask for time to speak at the next Board meeting.  Please give a topic in your request, but don't feel compelled to write a deposition. Save this for the meeting. Your constructive comments will be reviewed and acted upon if they are in the best interest of the Association.

Appropriate Officials for the job:

Instead of grumbling amongst yourselves about improper scheduling, please write to me about Officials that you view should or should not be doing certain games (based on personal observations).  My powers of clairvoyance are not what they used to be, so I rely on you to get me accurate reports on which Officials can handle certain games or not.  If I don't hear anything, then I assume that everything is OK.  Let's work together to make sure that the right people are being sent out to do the proper games.

Lousy Attendance:

Last night's meeting had lousy attendance.  Let me remind you that you need to attend meetings to fulfill your membership requirement. Also, Officials who do not attend meetings and scream about not getting the games they want have a moot argument. I realize that the line to claim games was slow last night, but I vow to improve this for next month. I hate staying late as much as everyone else does

Great job this month (so far)!  Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to blow your whistle!  Thanks for your help!

Posted By:
Real Deal 2-5-02 2/5/2002

New Ref, New child:

Everybody congratulate Rich Whitcombe when you get the chance.  He is the proud father of a baby boy.  Lucky for Rich, his new son skates better than he does.  Rich was so motivated to Officiate, that he had his gear with him at the Hospital and refused to give up his games while his wife was in labor, until we pried them away.  MAOA is happy to have averted a Second Degree Homicide by refusing to let Rich Ref whilst his wife was in labor.  Congratulations, Rich and we’ll see you back on the ice soon…


All of you should have received 1099’s by now that did over $600 worth of games.  Let me know ASAP if you did not and I will correct the situation.

Board Positions:

Tom McLoughlin and Bill Kicinski have each relinquished their Board positions due to personal reasons.  The Board is now taking formal nominations for the vacated seats.  Responsibilities will be decided upon after election.  Please feel free to send me your nominations ASAP, as we will review the election procedure at the next Association meeting and follow a similar method as the last election. Nominations can be either first or second party, meaning you can nominate yourself or someone else.  Please note that becoming a member of the Board will require that you perform many hours of work for the Association at your own expense.  This is not for people who simply wish to hold a title.  You must be willing to donate a great deal of time to furthering the interests of this Association.

Next Association Meeting:

The next Association meeting will be Thursday, February 21st at the Cary IceHouse [7:00 PM].


I’ve gotten a few reports that some of you are acting less than professional toward players and coaches. The most common grovel has been the unnecessary use of profanity towards players and coaches.  Stop this immediately. 


I would like to correct an error that was made on last week’s Real Deal.  Chris Melton was put on the NO-Show list in error.  As there was a snafu in the translation of the schedule when I got back from vacation, Chris’ name was erroneously left on the list.  This was not his fault and we would like to personally apologize to Chris for singling him out in error.

Posted By:
Real Deal 3-25-02 3/25/2002

Meeting last night:

Good attendance for last night’s meeting!  Thanks for the 30 + of you who showed! 


Starting immediately, please confirm all of your games for the month ASAP!  This makes it much easier on me to make sure the right people are where they are supposed to be.  It also makes it easier on my replacements when I have to go out of town for any period of time.  Once again, please start confirming all of your games ASAP!  Thanks!

Schedule for April:

As most of you know, I will be in Mexico for most of April (beginning April 2nd and not getting back until April 22nd), so I must be aggressive in getting games assigned and confirmed.  For those of you who did not make it to the meeting last night, you will be able to request openings tomorrow (Tuesday, March 26th).  Please keep in mind that I don’t have the entire RYHA schedule yet, so don’t get discouraged by not having many Youth games available. Please keep in mind that I need to fill this and have you confirm as quickly as possible before I leave.  My goal is to have it filled by the end of the weekend.  While I am gone, Randy Lee will be my back up.  Please email him after April 2nd with any issues you may have.


The first action of the MAOA Board was to vote in a Dress Code to take effect September 1, 2002.  Beginning then, if you are skating in any game with 3 Officials, you will be required to show up and leave the rink in either Professional Dress (Coat and Tie for the men and Appropriate Professional attire for the ladies) or the Association Wind-suit.  For those of you who want a wind-suit and won’t be planning on skating three-man games, we still encourage you to order the wind-suit.  We encourage all MAOA members to wear their wind-suits to all MAOA events.  We had a Demo of the wind-suit at last night’s meeting. 

Ordering Wind-suits:

I will be placing a mass order on April 1st for the wind-suits.  If you order your wind-suit now, MAOA will subsidize the cost of each wind-suit so your cost is a flat $50.  This is for coat and pants, to include embroidery, shipping, etc.  If you don’t order your wind-suit by March 31st, then you will have to order your wind-suit individually at a later date for roughly $70 each.  If you are interested, simply email me and say that you want a wind-suit and give me your sizes.  We had all but four members at the meeting last night order their wind-suits!

Logo Contest:

The MAOA Board (excluding myself) voted on the winner of the Logo contest.  It will be posted on the web-site shortly.  We had four separate people submit a total of 14 entries!  Those people were:  Bill McIntyre, Hans Hoffman, Nick Zaglifa and Rob Morris.  The Board voted on the design submitted by Rob Morris as the winner.  Rob will be receiving his Ref gear shortly!  Thanks to everyone who submitted entries!


MAOA is currently seeking volunteers immediately to help out with a number of events that we have planned for the summer.  Currently, the most pressing need is to find a Scheduler to replace me.  I simply don’t have enough time to continue with all of the tasks that I’ve absorbed and we are looking for a suitable replacement.  The new Scheduler will continue with similar policies and procedures and also have a Scheduling committee to help with the everyday Scheduling.  We are also seeking volunteers for “other” assignments as needed throughout the summer as well.  If you’re interested in helping out our organization, please email any Board member and let us know what you’re willing to do!

New Board Members:

We would like to introduce our two new Board members.  Darren Haggett and Pat Bush were elected by their peers to serve as MAOA’s newest Board members.  Roles and Responsibilities have not been decided yet, but we will keep everybody posted when this happens.  Congratulations to both Darren and Pat!


This issue has arisen too many times in the past couple of months, so I feel it needs to be addressed.  There are many of us that are offenders to this (myself included), and we need to fix it ASAP.  The issue is courtesy.  There are too many incidents where we are not issuing the proper courtesy to our clients, specifically Captains and Coaches.  In the Adult Leagues, if we perceive a prolonged stoppage of play, due to either injury or explanation, we must issue teams the courtesy of stopping the clock in “run-time” situations.  What we mean by explanations is an instance of sorting out a situation with your partner and then reporting this to the scorekeeper.  If you and your partner need to get together to discuss a call, have the scorekeeper stop the clock and sort the situation out.  Once you have the situation sorted out, explain the call to the Captains.  This does not mean the Captains have license to argue about your call.  Explain to them who is short handed, for how long and what people you want in the box.  Once again, explain to them that you are explaining the call and you need the proper personnel in the Box.  After initially instructing them that this is not an argument session, if they continue to argue, skate to the face-off spot (or appropriate place if your partner has the drop) and notify the Time-Keeper to start the clock. Explain to them that you will be happy to explain the call and who belongs in the Box, but you will not let the game be extended through excessive and unnecessary arguments.  If a team wants to use their Time-out at this point, allow them to do so.  Once the minute has expired, blow your whistle and get the game going.  The point I’m trying to make is to be courteous to the Captains/players and use some common sense and a little courtesy.  This should help smooth out some tensions that we are having in some of our Adult Leagues.  Please reply if you have any questions.


For Pete’s sake, we’ve had three people go down this month with injuries!  Thank goodness that none of them are too serious.  As a mental note, try to stay out of the way of the players and pucks.  Don’t risk injury just to hold your line.  You’re not getting paid enough to do that.  All of these injuries have been bad luck wrong place/wrong time injuries, but be cognizant of getting home from your games in one piece.

That is all!!!

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Real Deal 3-6-02 3/6/2002

Get them to me by 7 AM tomorrow  (3-7-02) morning or your games will be reassigned.  This applies to all games before 3-14.  If you would like to extend the courtesy of confirming all of your games for the month, please feel free to do so!  Thanks!

Please reply to me if you are planning an entry to the logo contest.  This allows me to set up a collection date from you and for us to gauge what the response quantities looks like.  A reminder that this contest ends on 3-15. 


Please don’t forget that the election ends this Friday. If you wish to vote, please go to the election page on the MAOA site (http://www.maoa.net/) and follow the directions. 

Tournament weekend:

Great job this past weekend on the CAHA tournament!  We received MANY compliments on the performance of MAOA Officials!  This is a first!  Thanks to everyone who did a great job! 

CAHA Pee-Wee tournament this weekend:

Gentlemen, please follow the same format as last weekend and remember the following notes:

1.Have a “pre-game” with each Coach.
2.Hustle everywhere.
3.Be at the rink 30 minutes ahead of your game and perform a pre-game with your partner.
4. Be professional at all times, no matter the circumstances.
5. Have fun!

I have openings this weekend. Please see the sked and get back to me ASAP if you want games for the weekend.  Thanks!

That is all

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Real Deal 4-29-02 4/29/2002


I’m back from the Mexican Ice Hockey Referee Exchange program.  I apologize for taking a few extra days to get you May’s Schedule, but it is now posted and ready.  Please submit your requests ASAP!


In my mailbox when I returned were two written complaints against MAOA Officials and two Verbal complaints.  Three of these complaints were about MAOA Officials verbally abusing players.  The other complaint was an MAOA Official who did not complete a Game Report during a Game Misconduct situation.  Let me be perfectly clear concerning Referee Professionalism.  If you engage with Players, Coaches or Fans in profanity or no-professional behavior, then you will be investigated by MAOA and (if found guilty) punishment will be levied.  There is NO excuse for this.  Your job as an Official is to control the game.  Losing your professionalism is losing control of the game.  If you cannot control yourself, than you certainly can’t control the game at hand.  Officials who lose control will be investigated and removed from the Schedule.  Regardless of the situation, you must set the example.  I implore all of you to review the USAH rulebook in regard to Abuse of Officials (Rule 601).  This should guide you as far as penalties you may issue to players for Unsportsmanlike conduct.  Subsequently, if you issue a Game Misconduct, you must provide a write up to the Local Area Supervisor.  Any questions?


While I was gone, there were a disturbing number of No-Shows.  MAOA has zero tolerance for those of you who confirm your games, and subsequently no-show.  In the past, we have rescheduled games for EVERY person who has given us sufficient notice.  Most of you showed great maturity by finding your own replacements.  The absolute wrong attitude to have is:  “I can’t do these games tomorrow.  Please find a replacement.” DO NOT drop an email or a phone message and assume that the Scheduler will find a replacement for you, especially if you don’t receive a Confirmation from the Scheduler that they will take care of it for you.  If you don’t receive communication from the Scheduler, you MUST assume that you are still required to officiate the game that you originally requested in the first place.  Moving into next season, I will be pushing hard to eliminate those people from the Schedule who No-show, dump games into the Scheduler’s lap at the last second or who make lame excuses for their lack of maturity in Scheduling/Confirming.  Square yourselves away immediately…

It is still undetermined if there will be a May meeting.  That is all. Please help fill up the schedule ASAP.  Thanks!

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Real Deal 5-14-02 5/14/2002

Pre-game meetings:

In the interests of best practices on the ice, we are asking that each of you conduct a pre-game meeting with the Captains once warm ups begin.  During this meeting, stress to the Captains that they are the only person who be able to seek clarification of penalty calls.  Remind them that this is not a license to argue, merely to seek clarification of the following points:

  • What penalty has been called.
  • Who should be in the penalty box.
  • On-ice strength of each team and how long the team is to be short-handed.

After this, tell your partner where the face-off should be (if they are not already there) and get the game moving.

The main point is to establish a rapport with the Captains.  Treat them with respect, but make sure they know their limits.  Having a rapport with the Captains will make your evening much more uneventful and keep everybody happy.  If you give the same speech every time, great!  Please start doing this immediately and be sure to ask us any questions that you may have. 

April Checks:

Checks were mailed out yesterday.  For all of you that kept asking about when you would be paid, please remember that I am required to have the checks postmarked by the 15th of each month.  If you haven’t gotten your check by the 4th or 5th of the month, please prevent your meltdown by taking note of the aforementioned payment policy.   Also, please check the April sked or the Pay Sheet (on the “lists” page) to make sure that I’ve paid you correctly for April. 


Windsuits are in, with the exception of those who originally ordered XL pants.  I will be at the Cary Ice House tomorrow night between 5-6:30 to issue these if you would like to pick them up.  If you can’t make it tomorrow night, then stay tuned for the next pick up time.  If you are remote to Raleigh and you would like to have yours mailed to you, you will pick up the entire cost of having this shipped to you (ie., freight, envelope, my wife’s time packaging this, etc.).  Let me know if you have any questions…

That is all.  Keep up the good work and don’t get hurt…

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Real Deal 5-23-02 5/23/2002

Help me help you:  I‘m writing this to all of you tongue in cheek.  Although I love hearing about each of your personal matters when you submit your availability, it sometimes creates a pain in my tookus when I’m trying to put a schedule together.  So, with that being said, when you submit your availability (or game requests if we open the sked up at certain times), all you need to do is this:


Available these days in June:
1,3,5,7 (after 12:00 PM), 13,16,22,25,26-30
NOT Available in June:
All other days
Special requests:
Prefer to ref on Tuesday nights.  Location doesn’t matter


Requesting Games: 1,2,3,45,46,123,124

When submitting your confirmations, simply put the game numbers:
Confirm me for these games:
1,2,3,21,22, 45,46,47,123,124

The game numbers won’t change.  If games are added, you will see a high number in the middle of the schedule.  If you want to take your life into your own hands and send a blanket confirmation (Confirm me for all of my June games), then go ahead.  Keep in mind that this is damning evidence if you no-show. 

These are just some helpful hints to keep you from writing novels to me.  Thanks!

State Games:

This is a notification to each member of MAOA.  Many of you have been contacted by the organization from Greensboro to Officiate games in the upcoming State Games of North Carolina.  Please understand that neither USA Hockey, nor MAOA sanctions these games.  MAOA was not asked to solicit any Officials for this event.  You are being contacted outside of any agreement between MAOA and any other organization to Officiate this event.  The MAOA Board wants every member to understand that they are assuming their own liability in regards to safety and payment.  MAOA will not keep its members from working these games, but we must make each of you aware of the liability involved.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of us… 

June Schedule:

Effective immediately, I will be instituting a different scheduling guideline, as approved by the MAOA Board.  Please submit your AVAILABILITY for the month of June to me ASAP.  Your window will begin immediately and last until Tuesday, 5-28 at 8:00 AM.  I will put the schedule out on Wednesday, 5-30.  Please return your confirmations for June 1-10 by Friday, 5-31 at 8:00 AM. 

This is how we will be scheduling games from this point on.  This change has evolved the process to insure that we are putting the right people in the right games and that game distribution is fair.

New process to be followed:

  • Title your email “Availability for June” and send it to Hockeyhead44@hotmail.com.
  • In the text of your email, state this information:
    Dates that I would LIKE to Officiate.
    Dates that I can NOT Officiate.
    Specific venues/Leagues that you will NOT Officiate.
    State whether you would like to be notified if other Officials turn games in to serve as their replacement (ie. call up list for last second drops or adds).
  • Please note that you may not request specific locations or games to Officiate.  If you would like, you may limit yourself to certain levels of games or below.

Reply if you have any questions…


All of the windsuits ordered have arrived.  For those that haven’t received their windsuit yet, Randy Lee has them in Garner.  Please contact him (randylnc@aol.com) to arrange a date/time to pick up your windsuit.

Fairy Tales and BS Stories:

To eliminate confusion and to try and squelch the amount of grousing behind the scenes, I would like to ask everyone to approach any of us and ask a question if you have heard of a story that needs clarification.  Remember that there are two sides to every story and a simple question and answer is all it takes to get to the root of a problem or fairy tale that was told second or third hand by someone else.


If you choose to revoke the eligibility of a Player or Coach involved in a specific contest (ie. Toss anybody out of a game through a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty), then you must write the incident up. 

You have two options.  First option, do it at the rink on the back of the game sheet, then deliver it to the League Director or appropriate rink personnel (if not the League Director, you had better get the name of the person that you are leaving it with).  Second option, go home and pull the electronic version off of the web site, fill it out and send it to Ron Biscotti (icehawg97@aol.com) and myself.

Do NOT take the game sheet with you. If needed, make a copy and take that home for reference.  You have 24 hours to submit these.  Not submitting the proper paperwork in a timely fashion is negligence of job and will be dealt with accordingly.

It is impossible for us to force Leagues to enforce suspensions if you do not file your paperwork properly.  Let me know if you have questions…

Group order of Equipment

If you are interested in ordering equipment for next season, please contact Rich Leonard (rich@maoa.net) , as he is putting together a group order to submit to Officials Wearhouse. 

Officiating next season:

If you are interested in officiating next season, please let Pat Bush know ASAP (phbhockey@aol.com).  Please pass his email along to those who you know are interested in Officiating next season that did not skate this season.

This is to establish two things.  First is the MAOA Qualification seminar and to also get a felling for how many attendees will be coming to the USAH seminar.  Keep your nose glued to the website, as I will post the dates the minute they are made available.  Thanks.

Officers of MAOA:

The Board has finally decided on the Roles to be performed by Officers for next season.  Please see below:

Rich Leonard: Records Officer
Darren Haggett: Quality Officer
Pat Bush: Development Officer
Randy Lee: Operations Officer
Bill Fine: Finance Officer

 The Master Scheduler position has not yet been determined, but will be decided upon once interviews are completed.  There will be no Association meeting for May.

That is all…

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Real Deal 6-10-02 6/10/2002

From the Records Officer (The Honorable Gentleman from Massachusetts, Rich Leonard) :

MAOA members: We as the Board of Directors of MAOA have coordinated with the Officials Wearhouse, the opportunity to purchase Referee apparel and or equipment at a discounted price. The discount will be determined by the size of the order. If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://www.officialswearhouse.com
  2. Get the model numbers and size of any items you may want to purchase.
  3. Email these model numbers to Rich Leonard (rich@maoa.net)
  4. Payment will be made by deduction from your June MAOA check.  If you have no payment due, or not enough to cover your order, then we will take a check from you.
  5. The order will be placed on  Monday 8 July 2002. All orders must be sent to Rich by Sunday, 30 June.
  6. Any questions, please contact Rich Leonard.
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